Welcome to Bixos

Bixos DeFi

Bixos develops technologies that enable investors to make safe and stable profits in the crypto market.

UBXS Token

Our new token unites the physical word and metaverse in terms of the real estate industry.

Bixos was established in the USA in January 2021.

Our team consists of investors, smart contract analysts, blockchain and crypto market financial experst, and software engineers. We help investors make high profits by using our technologies and expertise in the crypto industry. Those who invest with us will reap the benefits of Staking, DeFi DEX, and DeFi Farming.

With over eight years of expertise in blockchain, research, data, and technology, we power better investment decisions by enabling clients to invest safely in the latest crypto trends. Investors can do this by using one platform and confidently build more effective portfolios for stable profits.

Bixos Inc. is a leading provider of critical decision support and investment services for the global crypto investment community.